Update on Alyssa, November, 2016

Hi Friends,

Usually George is the one who writes the updates, but I decided it is time for me (Amy) to send one. We have mentioned Alyssa’s health several times now, and I know many of you have been praying for her. On June 15 she started having pelvic pain which has been non-stop and has progressively gotten worse. She had test after test done, and each one came back normal which has resulted in frustration for her and for us. The pain has prevented her from doing normal life — school, volleyball, spending time with friends, etc. However, she has consistently trusted the Lord through the trial and never complained. After an especially frustrating appointment with the pediatrician recently we decided the doctor was not going to be of any further help. I had been doing a lot of research trying to figure out what was going on with Alyssa and came across an especially helpful website regarding yeast overgrowth. As I read through the long list of symptoms I realized she has had some of them for a very long time. As a result we decided to drastically change her diet eliminating all flour, yeast, and sugar to see if it would help; she is eating only meat, vegetables, and fruit. After four days she started to see improvement, and after a week she seemed almost normal with just a small amount of pain remaining. Now, almost two weeks later she is pain free and participating in all the family activities. We are so thankful God led me to that website.

We truly appreciate those of you who have taken the time to pray for Alyssa and those who have sent encouraging notes. I have consistently needed to remind myself that God loves Alyssa more than we do and that this health issue was not a surprise to Him. I reminded myself He is a God we can trust because He has her best interest in mind and He only allows those things into our lives that will make us more like Christ.

We are thankful for the maturity we have seen in Alyssa through this ordeal and for her trust in her God. She was able to be a witness to her pediatrician and explain to the doctor that she wasn’t depressed about her situation because this is what God had for her right now. How amazing to hear the doctor tell us Alyssa’s faith seems important to her.

Back at the end of July when Alyssa found it hard to walk because of the pain I remember her saying, “I just want to run.” This past Thursday the kids were off school, but I had to work. Alyssa came over for a bit and did a job for me, and when she got back to my office she was just beaming. When I asked her what was up she said, “I just ran down the hallway, and it doesn’t hurt.” We are so thankful we have a God who hears and answers prayers!

Thank you for praying on her behalf!