Ministry Vision

The primary objective of our ministry in South Africa is to equip church leaders to reach their world.

We intend to accomplish this goal by equipping church leaders with the additional tools they need for their ministry. This will occur through teaching a variety of biblical, theological, and ministry classes. These classes will be offered at basic to advanced levels, so that church leaders with diverse backgrounds can learn sound doctrine, mutually edify one another, and apply what they learn in their local churches.

Our focus will be on national and missionary church leaders who are already in or preparing for vocational ministry. The educational process will begin in the form of small, informal discipleship gatherings. Long term, we seek to establish a theological institute in the Knysna area that could develop into an undergraduate ministry school and/or a graduate level seminary.

Our intended outcome is that church leaders will reach their world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Knysna and the Garden Route, people groups are distinguished and divided by language, culture, and socio-economic condition. While our ministry seeks to cross these distinguishing barriers in the education we provide, our teaching will be best applied by those church leaders who live and minister in their own local context.

Finally, we will be involved in church planting. Knysna is divided into several neighborhoods due to the harsh topographical layout of the area. Each neighborhood presents a distinct opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. We will assist another missionary couple in church planting within or near the specific community in which we live. As God enables, we will begin Bible studies in our home or the home of our fellow missionary couple, for the purpose of starting a viable local church. From participation in community activities to purposeful engagement with those we see daily, we pray that God will bring people into our lives who need His redeeming grace.