September, 2016

It is a blessing to report that over the last month, we have seen dozens of people added to our prayer team! Scripture teaches us that God desires our prayers and that when offered in accordance with His will, they not only matter, but are powerful. We sincerely thank those who have recently joined us!

The combination of end-of-summer and fall-startup activities have provided a gap in our deputation schedule, but we continue to press forward in raising support. We anticipate a handful of church meetings this fall, as well as meetings with individuals as God directs. We currently stand at roughly 45%, inching closer to the 50% benchmark. Speaking of finances, we have been asked by a several people to provide a general budget-breakdown of our support needs (both startup and monthly). If you are interested in this information, please let us know. We are happy to provide that as requested on an individual basis.

We do have the following prayer requests to share with you:

1. Please pray for Alyssa, our youngest, as we try to figure out what has been ailing her for several months now. She is in constant pain during waking hours, and her singular goal each day is to make it through school. Please pray that the doctors she visits will be able to direct us in a beneficial direction and that God would be glorified in the process.

2. Pray for more opportunities to present our ministry plans to churches and individuals. We have several ‘tentative’ meetings; but we need to see those come to fruition so that as many as possible will hear of what God has called us to do in South Africa.

3. Pray that God would grant us wisdom in the planning and preparation for our ministry in Knysna. As we approach the end of this calendar year, we will be making decisions about schooling, housing, ministry focus, and more. May we have the mind of Christ in these matters!

Thank you for your continued support, and we trust God’s blessings will be yours as you trust and follow Him.