October 2021

Dear Praying Friends,

As most of you know, we spent most of September and the first week of October in the USA. We praise God that all the travel logistics worked well, and that we were finally able to make this needed journey. It was a great joy and encouragement to connect and reconnect with many of you during our visit. We were not able to go everywhere and see everyone we would have liked. But we did get to see many of our friends and family, supporters, and prayer partners. Thanks to all of you who met with us, ate with us, shared with us, encouraged us, hosted us, and energized us for our continued ministry here in Knysna.

The primary purpose for this recent sojourn was the wedding of George David and his lovely wife, our new daughter-in-law, Sarah. They were married on September 25, in Richmond, VA. It was a beautiful early-autumn day, and all the festivities went very well. Amy and I could not ask for a better bride for our son, and we praise God for providentially brining George David and Sarah together! We ask that you join us in prayer for George David and Sarah as they grow in their relationship together and as they grow closer to God together as a married couple. We are excited for them and the beginning of this new journey!

In addition to George David’s wedding, we also took Alyssa to visit two universities which she is considering attending after High School here in Knysna. Both visits were fruitful, informative, and exciting as Alyssa considers what God might have for her in the near future. It was important for us to be able to get these visits accomplished, and we were unable to make these visits last year at the height of Covid. She now has a much clearer picture of what God has for her, and she is prayerfully considering her options. Please join us in prayer for Alyssa as she begins transitioning out of High School (ending in December) and into college life (beginning August of 2022).

While Ashley was able to join us for George David and Sarah’s wedding, and while we were able to spend a few extra days with her during the course of our trip, she remains fully immersed in her final year studies at LBC. She is now in the midst of her final ‘on-campus’ semester there, and she is preparing for student teaching next semester. Please join us in prayer for Ashley as she seeks to finish well with her college studies and eventually transition back here to South Africa in early 2022. We look forward to having her back in Knysna soon!

Since we have returned to Knysna in early October, we are on a fast-paced sprint from now to early December. George is participating in BLI courses every Saturday, and Amy is squeezing two 12-week beginning computer courses into a 6-week timeframe. In addition to regular church responsibilities, additional opportunities for preaching and teaching, and other community projects, we find our schedules with virtually no gaps from now through the first week of December. Alyssa is also on her final sprint with 12 final exams over the course of the next 4+ weeks. Please join us in prayer, that we will finish the year well and accomplish all the tasks God has given us to do.

Thanks again, to all of you, for your faithfulness to the Lord on our behalf. We continue to joyfully serve God here, relying on His strength and His provision, ever grateful for the way He chooses to use each of you to keep us going. To Him be all praise and glory!

By His Grace,
The Coon Family