March, 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for praying for us over this past month! God has worked and blessed mightily, and we’d like to provide a brief summary of some of His answers to your prayers. First, we asked you to pray for some difficult yet timely ministry opportunities that we had planned in March. We’re happy to report that all went well; and even though it was every bit as difficult as we thought it would be, God went before us and prepared the hearts of our hearers. They responded to our story with love, grace, understanding, and encouragement. This has served to remind us how beautiful, indeed, is the body of Christ.

Second, we asked you to pray for our financial support as we anticipate reaching our final goal in the next few months. We’re thankful to report that we are now at 76%, anticipating further commitments from churches and individuals. It is truly astounding how God has provided as we prepare for service in Knysna. He has accomplished this provision through you – both through your prayers and through the churches and individuals who have partnered with us financially. While the progress has been great, we still have a long way to go to reach 100%. Please don’t stop praying for us in this regard.

Finally, we asked you to pray for Alyssa’s health as she had been experiencing some recurrence of the problems she had from June to November of last year. While we still do not have a complete handle on what is happening and why, we have seen much progress. Alyssa has been able to be in school most days over this past month, and her symptoms have decreased significantly. We mentioned an appointment with a new doctor, but unfortunately, due to the snowstorm we had her appointment was cancelled due to the doctor’s office closing for two days. Please continue to pray for her as we still anticipate meeting with this new doctor in the coming weeks.

Since many of you, our prayers partners, don’t know a whole lot about us, we as a family have been talking about what we can include in our monthly updates to help you get to know us. We decided for the next several months to include a “Getting to Know Us” section, and we’ll share some facts about us. This month we will focus on George David, the oldest of our children.

Age: 18
Grade in school: SENIOR!!!
Favorite food: burgers (specifically from Red Robin)
Hobbies: reading, playing the piano, playing video games
Favorite class: accounting
Place he would love to visit some day: Rome
Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
How the family members describe him in one word: goofy, dramatic, amusing, and sarcastic
What he thinks he will miss most when we move to South Africa: his friends