June/July 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

Since our last update (early June), things have been extremely busy but completely rewarding at the same time. From June 10-12, we were blessed to have Ken Banda, a dean at Central African Baptist University (Zambia), present a weekend seminar on “African Traditional Religion and Scripture.” Several pastors in our area attended, along with many students and instructors from our Biblical Leadership Institute. It was a time of healthy discussion and debate, and sound biblical teaching was presented clearly.

On June 18, Ashley and Louis were married! It was a beautiful day on the “dry side” of the Outeniqua Pass in George, and we enjoyed every part of it. We are happy to officially welcome Louis as our son-in-law. Thanks to so many of you who have given cards and gifts, as well as your prayers and encouragement as the newly-married couple begin their lives together.

From July 1-9, we had a team from Northeastern Baptist Church (Kalamazoo, Michigan) come to Knysna to help minister during a winter holiday “Kids Club” (think VBS). They did a fantastic job serving a few dozen children in our town, and their ministry was so very appreciated and enjoyed. We would be happy to have them back anytime!

We are presently writing from Harrison, Michigan, one of the many stops and visits on our current trip to the USA. We have made this present trip for two primary reasons: the wedding reception for Ashley and Louis, and (as of next week) getting Alyssa settled in at university. The trip is going by quickly, and we can’t believe that we’ll be back in SA in less than two weeks.

Coming up this Tuesday, we will be celebrating our five-year anniversary of ministry in South Africa. It has been an amazing journey thus far, and we are looking forward to the next five years with great anticipation of what God will do for His glory. And we continue to be grateful for you, our faithful friends and partners in ministry.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for the ongoing prayer, encouragement, support, and communication. We are grateful to God for your partnership in ministry!

Because of Christ,
The Coon Family