February/March 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s been two months since our last update, which seems long in some ways, but the time has flown by. While some of our regular activities resumed in January shortly after we returned to SA on the 7th, it wasn’t until the first week of February that everything was in place for us to jump back into our full schedule. We have been quite busy, particularly with the Hunter family away on furlough until July. While they did an excellent job preparing to be away, there are some week-to-week activities that we’ve needed to add to our schedules to keep up with ministry demands. Of particular note is that I (George) have the privilege of preaching every Sunday for the time being. We have just completed a series covering the book of Colossians. We have grown as a church family in our walk with and commitment to Christ. We are learning together, challenging each other, and renewing our allegiance to Him alone. Please continue to pray for the ministry of Knysna West Bible Church, that we would grow in wisdom, faithfulness, and witness for God’s glory.

Amy has undertaken a heavy teaching load with the computer training ministry of Launch Workplace Readiness. Since early February, she has been teaching several students from both Knysna and Sedgefield. Her current classes run until early May, and then after a week break, new classes will begin and run through July. She is enjoying not only teaching basic computer skills, but also being able to share the love of Jesus with everyone who attends. We have also seen several students grow spiritually as a result of the Bible lessons (which are part of the class), and some have even come for biblical counseling as well. Please pray for Amy’s ongoing ministry, that she will not only teach well, but that we will continue to see spiritual fruit as a result of the gospel-centered focus of these courses.

The other ministries and activities in which we serve are all going well at present. We are in full swing with Biblical Leadership Institute classes at our George location (normally every other Saturday), and we continue to have opportunities at Sivuyele School for the Deaf (Fridays, weekly). Further, in addition to Bible studies on Monday afternoons (women, every other week), Tuesday mornings (men, weekly), Thursday evenings (church, weekly), and Friday afternoons (teen boys, weekly), Amy and I have begun yet another Bible study in our home on Tuesday evenings, this one targeting unreached people in our own neighborhood of Brenton-on-Sea. This new Bible study is more evangelistic in purpose, and we are seeing a handful of people (about 6-8) begin to attend regularly and show interest in learning about what Scripture has to say about life. Interestingly, the very first question asked was, “So what does Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have to do with the End Times?” How’s that for a start to a brand new Bible study?!?! Please pray for all these Bible studies and teaching opportunities, that the Word of God will go forth in power and conviction, and that people will be more and more transformed into the image of Christ as a result.

In short, we are very busy right now but very blessed. Everything we’re doing now is a result of the faithfulness of God in our lives, His power at work in those we serve, and the effectiveness of your ongoing prayers and support. Thank you so much for being part of our team! We truly love being here even though we miss you all and think of you often. May God bless you for His glory!!

In Him,
The Coon Family