February, 2017

We continue to be grateful for all of you – your prayers, support, and encouragement have blessed us in so many ways! Thank you once again for bringing us before our God as often as you do.

We have been busy traveling to churches and meeting with individuals, presenting our ministry plans. During this time, God has given us several opportunities to minister in ways we were not necessarily prepared for in advance. Several people have taken particular interest in one or more aspects of our story, and through this we have seen many encouraged and challenged. This helps to remind us that God works through anything, at anytime, for His purposes. To Him be the glory!

As of this week, we have reached the 70% mark in our monthly support. Praise be to our Lord for this! God is providing, through both expected and unexpected ways, teaching us that the One who has called us is faithful, and He will perform the work (I Thess. 5:24). In addition to having 70% committed, we are also waiting to hear from some churches and a handful of individuals who have promised support. Once we know what those commitments will be, we will be able to add that to our number. Please continue to pray that we reach our goal of 100% by springtime. This will enable us to begin taking concrete steps toward leaving for Knysna in August.

Please also pray for our upcoming meetings in March and April at both supporting and prospective churches. In many of these meetings, we will have opportunities to share how God has brought us as a family through difficult circumstances, restoring us to a place of wholeness, and calling us back into ministry. While it is a joy to recount for others what God has done, it is also difficult to share some of the things we will share. Please pray that the love of Jesus calms us and works through us in such a way that people are moved to focus on Him alone.

Finally, please continue to pray for Alyssa’s health. We have seen great progress since November, yet the past few weeks have presented us with some setbacks which have been discouraging. She has an appointment with a new doctor on March 15 who we are hoping will help her more than any other doctor she has seen to this point. We remain encouraged and confident that God will supply all our needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus! (Phil. 4:19).

As always, we want to hear from you. How can we pray for you? Please let us know so that we can better understand the encouragements and challenges in your lives.