Deputation Is Underway

We were honored to officially launch our deputation on Sunday, April 24th, at Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale—our sending church. What a thrill it was to present our ministry plans to our loving church family. Our entire family participated in the ABF hour, giving testimony of God’s leading each of us to the mission field. George preached in the morning worship service, reflecting on the restoring grace of God, offered through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Since then, George has been making appointments with churches and individuals, scheduling meetings and presenting our ministry vision. Many of you have already signed up to receive our newsletter and have committed to pray for us regularly. As well, we have heard from a couple churches and a handful of individuals who have committed to us financially, either in the form of one-time gifts or monthly/annual support. We thank you all for ministering God’s grace to us!