August/September 2022

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord for His provision! Just last week, we sent an urgent appeal to help meet our fundraising goal for our Foundations Program. On Monday, we were in need of $18,000 by the end of the week in order to receive a full matching gift of $50,000. By Friday morning, just over $20,000 had come in or had been pledged, with a few more “undisclosed amounts” on their way. A good portion of those gifts came from several of you, our faithful supporters and partners in ministry. We want to thank those of you who gave, those who prayed, and those who kept encouraging us. What an amazing week to watch God do what He so often does! We are so grateful!

Since our last regular update (sent out August 12th), much has happened. We were able to get Alyssa settled in at university and attend a series of orientation meetings from August 16-21. While it was a very emotional time, and while we miss Alyssa terribly, we couldn’t be happier with where she is and how she has adjusted thus far. Please pray for her as she navigates college life. It’s a big adjustment, especially not having lived in the US since 2017, but we know the Lord is with her every step of the way.

We returned to South Africa – as empty nesters! – on August 26th. We miss having our children with us, and the house is strikingly quiet. However, we are comforted to know that our children do indeed belong to Jesus, and they are His to do with whatever He wills. That’s really the safest and best place for them to be, regardless of the geography! Please pray for us, however, as some days are harder than others.

We are so grateful, as well, to have the Hunter’s back with us. Serving alongside them in the ministry of Knysna West Bible Church is a blessing, and we can feel the momentum growing. We’ve had several visitors the past couple Sunday’s, and a few of them look like they will carry on with us going forward. As you may recall back in June/July, we had access to a wonderful facility that was the perfect size for our group. Sadly, that ended up only lasting 8 Sundays, and since the end of July, we’ve been back meeting in the Hunter’s home. Two Sundays ago we had 46 people crammed into their living room, spilling outside onto the patio! Please pray that God will reveal a workable “meeting place” solution for our church family.

Amy is back in full swing with her computer skills training classes with Launch Workplace Readiness. She has seven teaching sessions each week and a total of forty-five students for the current 12-week program. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only upskill those in need, but to share the Gospel with them during our devotional sessions. Please continue to pray for Amy as she uplifts our community and seeks to meet spiritual needs in the process.

The Biblical Leadership Institute, as of later this month, will be running classes in two locations at the same time. Our George location is currently in its fourth class for the year (meeting over the course of 4 Saturday sessions), and our Sedgefield location is set to begin its second round of the BLI program (beginning with course #1 in three weeks). Please pray that our attendees will not just come and listen to good theological education, but that they will also use it to effectively minister in and among local churches.

Finally, please pray that we will finish 2022 strong, with rising momentum and increased faithfulness and energy to fulfill the calling of God upon our lives. There is much to do, and it often seems not enough time to do it. But we believe God will use our efforts for His glory, and we pray to that end. Thank you for partnering with us – please don’t stop praying, giving, loving, and encouraging. All the help and support is felt each and every time, more than words can express.

In Him,
George and Amy